StoneCycling 2022 Highlights

Over the years, StoneCycling’s team has grown and development has come a long way, but the journey to a circular world is only just starting.

By regularly launching new products and technologies, we are taking steps each day to fulfill our mission of creating beautiful building materials from 100% upcycled waste, with a positive carbon impact on our planet.

In 2022, we’ve achieved a lot and we’re proud of our partnerships, product launches and completed projects. In 2023, we’re excited to take even more steps towards achieving our goals and we would love for you to be a part of that.

Following our Road Map is an important part of our strategy.

StoneCycling Bespoke Products

Our Road Map

1. Raising Awareness

We talk daily to people all over the world to show the possibilities of waste-based and bio-based building materials and cutting-edge technologies in the built environment.

With our rebrand and media campaign “Welcome to the New Stone Age”, we’re hoping to motivate others to join us in our mission to look for sustainable alternatives in construction.

Dutch Design Week Recap

2. Research & Development

In 2022, we have been more active than ever when it comes to improving and expanding our range of products.

Together with TNO, we developed the CoolTile® paving stone, consisting of no less than 85% recycled materials. A test section was built close to the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam, in partnership with the municipality of Amsterdam and Ouder-Amstel.

With design studio Atelier NL we created a prototype of WasteBasedTiles®, made of 100% waste. We’re currently looking for partners to develop this product further in 2023.

Glazed bricks have also long been on our minds. In collaboration with Studio Mixtura and ABO Global, we developed an innovative and unique waste-based glazing. Together with Atelier Zweers and stylist Inge Pouw, we were able to implement the first custom made glazed bricks into the new studio space of Amsterdam-based design studio Twentyten.

That’s Cool(Tile)! || StoneCycling
StoneCycling 100% Waste Tile
Glazed Bricks from Waste at Creative Studio Space in Amsterdam || StoneCycling
WasteBasedGlazedBricks® - Credit: Willem Groeneveld

3. Collaboration

As you can already tell, collaborations are very important to us. In 2022, we were especially proud of the launch of our ongoing partnership with Biomason® – the only company in the world employing biology to produce cement.

Taking inspiration from marine ecosystems, Biomason creates BioBasedTiles® with the help of bacteria. These tiles grow in less than three days. They are 20% lighter than a concrete block but three times stronger. And the best thing? They do not require kiln firing. This is your solution to lower your CO₂ footprint.

Collaborations like these enable us to push hard for a fast transformation of the construction sector and propel the adoption of low-carbon building materials.

Curious to see what a real Milestone looks like? Click here.

BioBasedTiles® Sustainability Statement || StoneCycling

4. Sharing Insights

From demolition and production companies to architects and real estate developers: we always aim to connect the many innovations and ambitions across the chain.

This year, the StoneCycling team went on a roadshow to both New York City as London, sparking conversations about the future of waste, presenting the steps to take to help transform our linear economy into a circular one, and introducing architects and design teams to our innovative products.

We also attended design events GLUE Amsterdam (part of the TANK HUB) and the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, showcasing how a fresh approach leads to surprising and high-quality new building materials with a positive impact on our planet – and making meaningful connections.

Even our new office space in the South of Amsterdam, where we work alongside other innovative companies, shows us the importance of sharing new ideas, plans and products!

Dutch Design Week Recap
Dutch Design Week
Dutch Design Week Recap

5. Leading by Example

And finally, we show the viability of our products and the results of innovation to pave the way for major players in the global market to follow our example and increase our impact exponentially.

Some completed developments we’ve been particularly proud of in 2022 include the impressive electricity substation at Amsterdam IJburg (with Powerhouse company, Qirion, Liander and K_Dekker), iconic mixed-use building 360 Degrees in Amsterdam Buiksloterham (with Studioninedots, Amvest and Heddes Bouw en Ontwikkeling), landmark office space Technique in London (with Buckley Gray Yeoman, General Projects and Graham) and the future-proof office space of Adyen in Amsterdam (with TANK, Van Wijnen and VEGA Projects).

Also, the first results of multifunctional concept CROSSOVER at Amsterdam Zuidas (with Team V, AM, BAM and LEEBO) prove once again that it’s possible to not only develop a solution that meets the sustainability criteria, but also has a high aesthetic value.

This was once again highlighted by the shortlisting for the RIBA Stirling Prize of the Sands End Arts and Community Centre in London we collaborated on with Mae Architects and Neilcott Construction for the LB Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

Substation in Orange Brick from Waste at Amsterdam IJburg || StoneCycling
Electricity substation, Amsterdam
Urban Sustainability at 360 Degrees in Amsterdam || StoneCycling
360 Degrees, Amsterdam
StoneCycling || Technique in London, UK
Technique, London - Credit: Buckley Gray Yeoman
Future-Proof Office Space with Adyen in Amsterdam || StoneCycling
Adyen, Amsterdam - Credit: TANK / Teo Krijgsman
Connected Circularity at Crossover in Amsterdam || StoneCycling
CROSSOVER, Amsterdam

We look back at 2022 with great pride of everything we’ve achieved together with our partners. And looking forward, we are excited to take even more steps towards achieving our mission in the upcoming year.