Introducing WasteBasedTiles®

Tiles made from 100% waste.

Introducing WasteBasedTiles®

Waste as Resource.

Following the development of the WasteBasedBrick® we have now started a development to use this technology to create tiles made from waste. By changing the production technology we are now able at a prototype level, to create WasteBasedTiles made of 100% waste.


We use design as a means to realise our vision and dare to take a creative approach to construction – involving industries, people, and production methods that are unconventional. For the development of the WasteBasedTiles we have started a collaboration with the renowned design studio Atelier NL.

Built to Last.

We not only design and develop products that have a long lifespan (over 50 years), but we also prioritise building long-term and durable relationships with our customers, producers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. We are now actively seeking collaborations with tile manufacturers that are interested to further develop this product with us.

Our Promise.

Made from
100% waste

15 kg per m²

add extra shine by using
our waste-based glazing

Introducing WasteBasedTiles®

Suitable for interior applications

interior walls

furniture cladding

Experience the WasteBasedTile.

Are you interested in producing the WasteBasedTile together with StoneCycling? Make sure to reach out to our R&D team.
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Introducing WasteBasedTiles®
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