Future-Proof Office Space with Adyen in Amsterdam || StoneCycling

Future-Proof Office Space with Adyen in Amsterdam

Sustainable Collaboration

Dutch fintech company Adyen located its office in the two historic buildings that housed the former Hudson’s Bay department store on the Rokin in Amsterdam. For this project, we upcycled 77.250 KG of waste into a custom WasteBasedBrick© for the building´s interior.

Adyen asked original architect Rijnboutt and interior design office TANK to redesign the building. TANK already knew their way to StoneCycling from earlier collaborations and a new partnership soon followed.

TANK Amsterdam is striving not just for unique designs, but also for sustainable solutions in their projects. They are truly future-proof designers and know what StoneCycling is capable of.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Van Wijnen , VEGA Projects


Waste upcycled with this project 77.250 kg
Future-Proof Office Space with Adyen in Amsterdam || StoneCycling

Beyond the Standard

The former Hudson’s complex is approximately 16.000 square meters combined and offers around 1050 open-floor workplaces, plus informal spaces and meeting rooms. The ground floor of the complex remains a retail property.

For this project, we first talked with the architects about using the Orange WasteBasedBricks®. This is one of our all-time favourite ‘flavours’ from our product collection. However, TANK challenged us to go beyond the standard.

We looked into producing a more terracotta-like colour for the new future-proof office space Adyen in the heart of the historical centre of Amsterdam.

Future-Proof Office Space with Adyen in Amsterdam || StoneCycling
Future-Proof Office Space with Adyen in Amsterdam || StoneCycling

Custom Bricks & Slips

Together with TANK, we developed a bespoke brick that Adyen named ‘Mopé’, after the orange-coloured sweet fruit originating from Suriname. ‘Adyen’ is also a word from this country in South America, meaning “to start over again”. Aligning the product name with the company’s founding story seemed a nice touch.

For this project, we created a truly unique surface texture on the product without the need for a different production technique. We created a very large tile, which is able to drop from the mould without the usage of sand creating a unique, almost water-stricken surface.

The tile is then cut into WasteBasedSlips®, creating an even broader palette of surfaces. We use the outside, inside, top and bottom of the brick, which does not only look great but is also very efficient. No waste is created in the cutting process, which is unique for the ceramic industry.

Future-Proof Office Space with Adyen in Amsterdam || StoneCycling
Credit: TANK

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When searching for sustainable building materials we were positively surprised that authentic brickwork would be an option for us. The WasteBasedBrick® fully meets our demand for carbon-neutral building materials, which is Adyen’s sustainable license to operate. This well-known product connects our office interior to the historical context of Amsterdam, the city where we’re founded and listed.