We move whole buildings

In 2016 Amsterdam hosted the EU. At the nearby Living Lab FabCity, Studioninedots and StoneCycling developed and built The TrueTalker. The first pavilion in the world entirely made from WasteBasedBricks.

Having a fireplace in the heart of it, The TrueTalker served as a place for true conversation. New ideas, surprising visions, both heartwarming and heartbreaking stories were shared by people from all over the world.

In line with our with our circular ambitions we not only upcycled waste materials
but also gave the entire pavilion a new life. We moved it from FabCity, across the water, to a new and vibrant location.

Travel along and share your perspective on tomorrow’s world. Come in and sit down at the heart of The TrueTalker at our office in Amsterdam

The Brick of the Future Part 2

Students of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture in cooperation with Studioninedots, StoneCycling and St. Joris Keramische Industrie have working on various concepts of what the brick of the future could look like. New steps have been made. In the final weeks of this project, the WasteBasedBricks of the future will be presented at FabCity. 

Come and check it out!

What if glass waste becomes a valuable asset

What if glass waste on Zanzibar becomes a valuable asset

StoneCycling travelled together with various renowned designers to Zanzibar, to study glass waste streams on the Island and come up with sustainable solutions. 

Improvised glass cutter form made from an old toasting machine

Improvised glass cutter form made from an old toasting machine

On Zanzibar, tourists have become an important source of income, as well as (glass) waste. The island is not yet equipped to process all this glass waste, which means the glass makes its way into the natural surroundings. What if the tourism that caused the waste, could also contribute to processing it?

During the upcoming Dutch Design Week bottle-up will launch its first results during: seven products made out of the glass waste. Six young Dutch designers travelled to Zanzibar and worked with local craftsmen to translate glass waste into a first series of products. Offering these products to tourists on the island completes the circle: the waste caused by tourism is transformed into valuable up-cycle products, whereby the tourists effectively finance the next step: the development of construction materials made from glass waste. 

This means two you now have at least two reasons to come to the Dutch Design Week  (17 - 24 oct); the Bottle-up project and StoneCycling as part of the Circular Factory. 

More info:

Bottle-up: check it out here
Circular Factory: check it out here and schedule an appointment for a private tour here