Trees for All Partnership

As an organization, we at StoneCycling want to make a positive impact in all phases of our business process. That is why we have been working with the Dutch non-profit Trees for All since this year to offset the CO₂ emissions from the production of our WasteBasedBricks® and WasteBasedSlips®.

StoneCycling Factory

First CO₂ Reductie – Then CO₂ Compensation

For a sustainable world, it is essential that we drastically reduce our CO₂ emissions. That is why we are currently working on the switch to a hydrogen-fired oven in collaboration with our production partner, Zilverschoon Randwijk.

We compensate CO₂-emissions that we as a company cannot yet avoid by making an annual donation to Trees for All.

Who is Trees for All?

Trees for All has been committed to a forest-rich world for almost 25 years. They plant trees in the Netherlands and abroad (more than 10.5 million already!) through more than 110 forest projects. They also make people aware of the importance of trees and have now offset 765,000 tons of CO₂ through certified credits.

Our contribution through this foundation goes much further than planting a tree. Trees for All projects have a broad impact and contribute to a better climate, biodiversity and healthy living conditions.

Through various (re)forestation projects in the Netherlands and countries such as Ghana, Costa Rica and Vietnam, they restore native forests jointly with the local population. This local involvement is a vital condition for planting and preserving trees sustainably. They train people in sustainable land use and create employment. This way, the forest has value for everyone.

Trees for All also supports the Sustainable Development Goals. The most important goals are #8 (decent work and economic growth), #11 (sustainable cities and communities), #13 (climate action), #15 (life on land) and #17 (partnership for the goals).

Trees for All now works with more than 2,200 companies. There are more than 14,000 active private donors who support their work.

The foundation has CBF recognition and ANBI status. These certifications test that Trees for All, as a recognized charity, meets strict quality requirements and that the amount of CO₂ emitted is captured by the planting of trees.

The compensation projects of Trees for All in Bolivia and Mexico are also certified according to the international Plan Vivo standard. Plan Vivo guarantees validated carbon sequestration, ecosystem recovery, improved living conditions and sustainable land management. The participating communities share in the income that is generated with carbon credits.

Through this collaboration, we at StoneCycling are assured that our donation for CO₂ compensation contributes to a better world.