How to Find the Best Brick Types and Colours? 3 Creative Ideas!

What is the perfect size brick or brick slip for your facade, interior wall or floor? Which joint size and colour should you choose? 

And should you choose the Raw, Sliced, Punched or Shine texture of our sustainable building materials? Finding the best brick types and colours is not an easy task.

With our range of WasteBasedBricks® and WasteBasedSlips® you can make so many combinations that it might be hard to choose the perfect solution for your specific design. But luckily, we’re here to help out.

How to Find the Best Brick Types and Colours? 3 Creative Ideas! || StoneCycling

Helping you with your design decisions

Every day architects and interior designers approach us with sample requests. In some cases the architect or interior designer already has a clear idea for the use of the material. In many other instances the request we receive is to send samples of all the products we have, to help with the design process. 

Of course we want nothing more than to help you choose between our products in the best way possible. This got us thinking: what else can we do to help you make design decisions in the best way possible?

In this article we’ve listed three solutions that we believe can help you narrow down the design scope. This will make sure that when we do send you samples, they are exactly what you’re looking for!

How to Find the Best Brick Types and Colours? 3 Creative Ideas! || StoneCycling

1. Make a mood board on Pinterest

We constantly update our Pinterest page with fresh design ideas, photos of our products, reference projects and brick inspiration from others around the world. Being the largest visual bookmarking tool in the world, we’re sure you will find plenty of inspiration here!

Make use of the curated content in our boards to help shape your ideas – or even include these so-called ‘pins‘ in your client pitch or physical mood boards.

When putting together a Pinterest board with your concepts, ideas and reference material, make sure to share it with our brick team as well. We might be able to suggest some ideas of our own.

StoneCyling Bespoke WasteBasedBricks - Colours
Bespoke WasteBasedBricks

2. Let US visualise your ideas around brick types and colours

Do you have a design idea, but can’t find the right image material of specific brick types and colours you need? We’re more than happy to help you visualise your facade, interior wall of floor designs in high resolution visuals.

Send us an email to schedule a short call.

We’ll go over your design, discuss the ideas with our brick designers and have our design team come up with visual suggestions to showcase your concepts in the best way.

How to Find the Best Brick Types and Colours? 3 Creative Ideas! || StoneCycling
Caramel Raw Wall Pattern + Blackpepper Punched Wall Pattern

3. Use our high definition brick photos and repeatable wall patterns

Do you rather want to play around yourself with our product photos? No problem. We could grant you free access to our database with high definition photos and repeatable wall patterns of our products. 

Are you looking for something specific that we have not visualised yet? Let us know, because we are always expanding our image library for your convenience. 

As you can see, there are various ways in which we can help you find the best brick types and colours for your upcoming project.

These are just three creative solutions, but we’re always open for suggestions. Get in touch and don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter (see bottom of this page) to stay in the loop of our latest developments. We’re hoping to brainstorm and collaborate with you soon!