Frequently Asked Questions


Certification & warrantee

Do your products have any sustainability certification such as Cradle2Cradle?
No, not at the moment. In general we use this thing called common sense. Besides this, often the costs of these labels are very high. If a client requires a specific certificate and if the project is of considerable size, a label can be an option.

What kind of warrantee do your products have?
We deliver our products under the general terms and condition of the KNB in the Netherlands. This is in line with most producers of ceramic materials in the Netherlands.

Sales, samples & working together

How does your sales proces work?
Since we are able to make a lot of different products in different colours, sizes and with a different finish we can do two things:

  • If you have anything specific in mind, please share your ideas. This will help us to see: (1) if we can make this and (2) what the expected costs will be.

  • If you are open to ideas we might have, please share the budget you have in mind. This will help us to present some of the ideas we have that fit your budget range.

What is the price of your products?
The prices depend strongly on the type of product, the shape, size and quantity. We put a lot of effort in making beautiful things. We are not cheap. Our products are mainly used in projects with a strong focus on design and sustainability + a budget that matches this. Check our updated policy here

Can I buy your products at specific shops, outlets or DIY markets? 
No. We work mainly project based. Often we develop unique products for a specific project.  Besides this, being in direct contact with clients and architects is very important for us to get inspired and come up with new products. 

How fast can you deliver?
We take up to 12 months at the moment to source the right type of waste and produce the products of your liking. Should you require a shorter timeline, get in touch with us. Depending on the size of the project we might be able to work something out. 

I am a producer of bricks, can I work with you?
Depends where you are located and the type of factory you have. Please give us a call and let’s explore what we can do. 

I am student and I’m looking for sample materials, can you help me?
At the moment we only send out sample materials to clients that are working on a specific project. The demand worldwide is very high and we have to set priorities. But we are making an effort to reach out to you as soon as possible. We realise very well that you are the architects of the future. Please send us an e-mail with your details and we’ll contact you when we are ready. 

I am a student and I want to ask you some questions for my research, is that possible? 
We would like to help you. After all the research you are doing is also in our interest. But the truth is we receive over 10 requests from students around the world each week. At the moment we don't have the resources to handle this. 

Do you have more reference projects?
Not if they are not on our website. Building things is slow business. We have many cool projects lined up. 

Production & waste

What kind of waste do you use? 
We use a wide variety of waste and the range is increasing each year. We don’t handout the recipes that our R&D team is developing on a daily basis. 

I’m demolishing my house. Can I bring my waste to you?
No, not yet. At the moment we only work with larger and well separated quantities.

About our products

Are you also developing tiles?
We don't produce tiles specifically. However, we do get more client that apply our WasteBasedBricks in various sizes as flooring. In many cases it's perfectly possible but you'll have to discuss this with your contractor. 

Can I use your products for the interior?
Yes. In most cases we make our interior cladding products completely by hand. This helps us to create to best product that fits your project and it helps us to produce in low quantities. It also enables us to produce thin bricks (20mm) which is often an advantage in interior design. The minimum quantity for these thin bricks is 200 m2. 

Do you make custom made counters, benches or other objects?
No, at the moment we don't take on any design projects other than facade materials. We're simply too busy meeting the strong demand for our WasteBasedBricks world wide. 

I like your concept, but I'm looking for something different. What else can you make?
A lot! The WasteBasedBricks on our website are to give you an idea of the possibilities. We can do much more. For larger scale project (1.000m2+ we can even develop products specially for this project. 

How do I know your products are not toxic?
All our products go through the standard market tests for bricks and are safe to use according to European standards. At the moment our products are tested by the Technical Center for the Ceramic Industry in the Netherlands.

Is see that not all your products are made from 100% waste. Why not?
Good question. We are already able to make products form 100% waste. However, the machines we are using at the moment are not yet able to. This is and will remain our focus for the coming year. Our ambition stands; closing the loop. No raw materials. 

General Terms & Conditions

The General Terms & Conditions (click to download) of the Royal Association of Dutch Brick Manufacturers apply on all our products & services.

Is your question not listed? Don't worry. Just give us a call or send an e-mail. We'll be happy to help you.