StoneCycling - Sustainable Building Materials

Which projects are suited for StoneCycling products?

Let's find out if we're a match.

At StoneCycling, we receive daily sample requests and global project enquiries. We’re working hard to create a product portfolio that caters to each project for each budget in each country. But the fact is that we’re not quite there yet.

About 10% of the total projects in the European market are a potential match with our products. That means, unfortunately, 90% is no match. Those who are all have something in common:

1. Strong focus on sustainability: Our products are either/or waste-based, up-cycled, bio-based, or offer a low-carbon solution. They are all produced with a circular economy in mind.

2. Strong focus on design: Facades, walls and floors made with our products are real eye-catchers of a project. Our building materials are not just any other cladding material.

3. Matching budget: Our products are priced in the higher range of building materials. Projects focusing on cost optimisation (usually social housing or any real estate outside A-locations) often don’t have the budget for our products.

It’s essential to lock in the correct budget for our products in the early design stages. The ultimate client (developer or investor) should be aware of their specific choice of aesthetic, sustainable building materials in a higher price range, or it will become challenging to maintain the product of choice in subsequent stages.

To give you an idea of the budgets we’re talking about, please find a rough overview below.

Product budget range:

2Good2Waste StoneCycling


Orange, RadishNougat, Almond, Mushroom & Blackpepper:

€ 179 – € 225/m²


€ 75/m²

StoneCycling Mint WasteBasedGlazedBricks


Orange, RadishNougat, AlmondMushroom & Blackpepper:

€ 79 – € 125 /m²


€ 48 – € 65 /m²

€ 250/m²


StoneCycling X Biomason | BioBasedTiles®


Pepper Honed & Ginger Honed:

€ 90 /m²

Pepper Polished & Ginger Polished:

€ 95 /m²

  • All prices are excluding VAT and transportation costs.
  • The actual price always depends on the colour, texture, size and quantity.
  • Always verify pricing with your StoneCycling account manager.
StoneCycling - Sustainable Building Materials
StoneCycling - Sustainable Building Materials


To quickly find out if your project is a match with our products, here is a checklist:


  1. Your project is located at an A-location:
    • In general, larger cities in Europe or the US.
    • A high-profile building such as a museum, pavilion or private residence.
  2. The ultimate client (in charge of the budget) consciously chooses sustainable and aesthetic building materials because…
    • …they find it important
    • …it raises the profile of the project
    • …it helps them to lease out the building more easily
    • …it helps them in selling the building at a higher price
  3. The designer, developer or builder:
    • actively communicates the story of the products internally and externally, making it a prominent success factor.
  4.  Your project meets the minimum order quantity requirements:
    • Exterior façades with WasteBasedBricks® or WasteBasedSlips®:
      • 500 m² (Europe, including the UK) or 1000 m² (USA)
    • Interior design with WasteBasedSlips® or BioBasedTiles®:
      • 200 m² for Europe (includes the United Kingdom)
      • 1000 m² for the United States and the Middle East


We strongly urge you to do a budget check and complete the checklist. This prevents investing a ton of work for all parties involved, only to find out that it’s perhaps no match.

How to get everybody on board when choosing StoneCycling products:

Whether you are an architect, interior designer, retail designer, developer or investor, we like to help you with arguments that can help you convince your stakeholders to specify our sustainable building materials. Here are common arguments used by our clients:



  • Products add points to BREEAM, LEED, WELL and other environmental assessment methods. (Case study: office in the Netherlands)
  • Products are easy to use and have low-risk sustainability measurements.
  • Sustainability and design go together. (Case Study: project in London)
  • The option to create custom-made facades and interiors.



  • Buildings with a strong story sell at a higher price or are easier to rent. (Must read: the value of sustainable real estate)
  • The story of the products helps us to raise the profile of the building and place it more strongly in the market.
  • Products help us to meet tender requirements set by local governments.



  • Projects with these products add to ESG-proof real estate portfolios.
  • The story of the products helps us to showcase to our investors that we invest in innovative and sustainable real estate (especially significant for pension funds)
  • Projects with a higher BREEAM or LEED rating have a better Return On Investment (ROI).


Sustainability consultant:

  • Products help us to meet tender requirements set by local governments.
  • Products are easy to use and have low-risk sustainability measurements.



  • Products help us to meet tender requirements set by the client.
  • Using sustainable products helps to grow the builder’s profile and brand.
  • The story of the products helps us showcase to prospects that we are front-running contractors who invest in innovation and more sustainable projects.

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