EU Taxonomy and Dutch Construction: A National Translation for the Industry

What is the impact of the EU Taxonomy on the Dutch construction and real estate sector? This question might be on your mind after reading our recent article in which we lay out the consequences and opportunities of this European Union initiative on the construction industry. 

Let’s have a closer look.

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Dutch Translation of the EU Taxonomy for Construction

Currently, the interpretation of the requirements surrounding the EU Taxonomy for the Dutch construction and real estate sector is unclear. That is why the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC), in collaboration with more than 30 market parties, created a national translation for this specific sector, explaining the requirements. 

In May 2023, they published the first Dutch guide on the EU Taxonomy specifically for the construction and real estate sector in The Netherlands, ensuring that financial activities across the country are assessed in the same way. 

The guide is a living document, with version 1.0 focusing on the First Delegated Climate Act relevant to the construction and real estate sector.

You can find the guide here.

Since 2022, DGBC also organises various webinars about the EU Taxonomy, which you can find here.

EU Taxonomy and Dutch Construction: A National Translation for the Industry

Webinar about the EU Taxonomy by DGBC (in Dutch)

Does the EU Taxonomy Comply with BREEAM-NL?

Currently, BREEAM-NL only covers part of the requirements from the EU Taxonomy. It would be ideal if the proof that has to be provided for Europe could soon be covered with BREEAM-NL. Then there is one process and an independent expert who tests everything.

Builders and developers are already used to BREEAM-NL and do not want to report separately again to comply with European rules. And the same goes for investors. Unfortunately, the European regulations are currently not worked out on all points.

DGBC compared BREEAM-NL and the green rules from Europe so you can quickly see where the similarities are and to what extent you meet the requirements of the Taxonomy with BREEAM-NL. Read the report here.

For a whitepaper on LEED and the EU Taxonomy, click here.



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How strongly are other EU Countries taking up the EU Taxonomy for the Construction Industry?

According to the Dutch Green Building Council, also part of the World Green Building Council (WGBC), other Green Building Councils in the European Union are each active in their own way on the EU Taxonomy.

Scandinavian countries and central European countries, in particular, are very active and incorporate, for example, the EU Taxonomy into leading certification systems (BREEAM, DGNB, etc.). Other countries are less far.

The WGBC meets every now and then to exchange knowledge about the EU Taxonomy.

StoneCycling and the EU Taxonomy

As a company with a mission to advance the development, use and reuse of planet-friendly aesthetic building materials, StoneCycling sees legislation like the EU Taxonomy as a necessity to make Europe’s ambitious climate goals a reality. 

Large-scale behaviour change in construction companies and organisations related to the industry is needed to make sure everyone in the value chain carries out their economic activities in a sustainable, future-proof manner. 


While StoneCycling, as a building materials supplier, is not (yet) subject to a reporting obligation, we are a cooperation partner in the construction and real estate chain – on which reporting parties depend. That is why we help project developers and construction companies with detailed information on our products so they are sure to comply with the EU Taxonomy.