Circular Matters and StoneCycling launch CornWall®: Organic waste transformed into climate-positive design.

Today, StoneCycling and Circular Matters announce a collaborative product to accelerate the reach of bio-based building materials – the future of sustainable construction.

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Production of CornWall® StoneCycling X Circular Matters
From Corn Cob to CornWall
Production of CornWall® StoneCycling X Circular Matters

Meet CornWall®.

To overcome the problem of scarcity, we search for raw materials that are found everywhere in abundance. Primarily made from corn waste, CornWall® is the sustainable alternative for interior wall cladding.

Did you know that maize is the most common crop on our planet? It’s everywhere! CornWall® is a tile or sheet material made from regional (Western Europe) corncob cores destined for fermentation, burning as biomass or simply to remain on the field. 

The CornWall® base collection is now live with one texture, eight colours (Burgundy, DarkBlue, LightBlue, LightGreen, MustardYellow, RustRed, TerracottaPink and WarmBeige) and two sizes.

Additional high-end textures will follow soon. Bespoke options are available for orders over 1000 m². 


CornWall® MustardYellow
Circular Matters X StoneCycling CornWall®
CornWall® DarkBlue
CornWall® DarkBlue

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Curious to see what organic waste can look like when you treat it right?