Find out how we work

How we work 

Great to see that you are interested in working with our products. We’d like to inform you about the way we work in steps, from first contact to delivery of the products on-site. 


1. Getting your Brick Proposal

Based on the information shared with us in the sample request form we’ll prepare a Brick Proposal for you. This Brick Proposal answers most of your questions about:

  • Pricing, payment terms and the amount of upcycled waste

  • Production and delivery time

  • Technical information and guarantee

You can use this information alongside your samples to discuss using our WasteBasedBricks® with your clients or colleagues. Our experience tells us that it can also help if we give a short presentation to the project team to answer additional questions and share our enthusiasm.


2. Requesting samples:

Many people around the world show interest in our work. To make sure we’re not just sending waste (based product) samples around the world, we’ve set a few rules for ourselves:

  • Fill in the sample request form on our website. 

  • We only send samples to architects and real estate developers who are working on actual projects that plan to materialise within 2 years. 

  • We only send brick slips as samples, not full WasteBasedBricks®.

  • Transportation costs for sample requests outside Europe will be charged to the client. 

  • Not using samples anymore? Please return them to us. We think it’s a waste if they’re not being used. 


3. Confirming the order

At this stage we require in-depth and accurate information on:

The exact quantities per taste, finish, size and shape

  • Drawings of any special bricks you require

  • A detailed plan that explains when you need the products on-site

  • Delivery address and contact person on site

  • Based on this information, we’ll send you an order confirmation for you to sign. 

4. Start of production

Now it’s time to get our hands dirty. We will start sourcing waste materials, preparing the recipe and beginning with production. This is an important step because:

  • You’ll receive a production sample of the actual batch that will be used for your project. You now know what the exact colour nuance of this WasteBasedBrick® is.


5. Delivery on site

During the final steps of production, we’ll start packing and preparing for transportation. Two weeks prior to shipment we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the exact delivery date and time.


6. Evaluation

During and after the construction of your project, we’ll touch base a few times to see how things are going. We also like to get your feedback, and would love to see (and publish) photos of the final result.