Meet the WasteBasedBricks:
circular building materials made from waste

Below are just some of the possible combinations for WasteBasedBricks. And we can do so much more! Together with our clients we like developing new products. Get in touch with us, share your ideas and let’s create something beautiful together.

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With WasteBasedBricks, explore exciting colours and textures, while becoming an important stakeholder in cleaning up the world. All our products meet industry standards and are used all over the world for sustainable, circular and unique building projects – both interiors and exteriors.

TRUFFLE  RAW • handmade

TRUFFLE RAW • handmade

MUSHROOM  RAW • machine-made

MUSHROOM RAW • machine-made

NOUGAT  RAW • machine-made

NOUGAT RAW • machine-made

AUBERGINE  RAW • handmade

AUBERGINE RAW • handmade

ORANGE  RAW • machine-made

ORANGE RAW • machine-made

BLACKPEPPER  RAW • machine-made

BLACKPEPPER RAW • machine-made

SALT+PEPPER  RAW • machine-made

SALT+PEPPER RAW • machine-made

SALAMI  RAW • machine-made

SALAMI RAW • machine-made

RADISH  RAW • machine-made

RADISH RAW • machine-made

TRUFFLE  SLICED • machine-made

TRUFFLE SLICED • machine-made

MUSHROOM  SLICED • machine-made

MUSHROOM SLICED • machine-made

NOUGAT  SLICED • machine-made

NOUGAT SLICED • machine-made

AUBERGINE  SLICED • machine-made

AUBERGINE SLICED • machine-made

ORANGE  SLICED • machine-made

ORANGE SLICED • machine-made

BLACKPEPPER  SLICED • machine-made


SALT+PEPPER  SLICED • machine-made

SALT+PEPPER SLICED • machine-made

SALAMI  SLICED • machine-made

SALAMI SLICED • machine-made

RADISH  SLICED •  machine-made

RADISH SLICED •  machine-made

TRUFFLE  PUNCHED • machine-made

TRUFFLE PUNCHED • machine-made

MUSHROOM  PUNCHED • machine-made

MUSHROOM PUNCHED • machine-made

NOUGAT  PUNCHED • machine-made

NOUGAT PUNCHED • machine-made

AUBERGINE  PUNCHED • machine-made

AUBERGINE PUNCHED • machine-made

ORANGE  PUNCHED • machine-made

ORANGE PUNCHED • machine-made



SALT+PEPPER  PUNCHED • machine-made

SALT+PEPPER PUNCHED • machine-made

SALAMI  PUNCHED • machine-made

SALAMI PUNCHED • machine-made

RADISH  PUNCHED • machine-made

RADISH PUNCHED • machine-made