StoneCycling Parel in de Polder, Netherlands

Sustainable Office: Parel in de Polder, The Netherlands

Bio-Based & Waste-Based Building

Construction company and developer De Vries en Verburg is expanding its office in Stolwijk, South Holland, with a fully wooden, circular, and energy-neutral building designed by Kolpa Architecten: “De Parel” (The Pearl).

Furthermore, the facade, interior elements, and finishing are executed in biobased and recycled materials, including Mint WasteBasedBricks and Pepper Honed BioBasedTiles from StoneCycling.

The project not only caters to the increased need for work and meeting spaces in the office but also demonstrates what is technically possible when sustainability standards are set high enough.

Stolwijk, Netherlands
De Vries & Verburg
Interior Flooring, Facades


Waste upcycled with this project 17.381 kg
StoneCycling Parel in de Polder, Netherlands
Mint WasteBasedBricks

Circular Ambition

In late 2021, the design process began, with lofty ambitions set for the architect. The guiding principles include biobased and remountable construction, with the layout of the new office being flexible and adaptable.

The aspirations to develop a healthy, integrally sustainable, and Paris-proof building have been translated into WELL v2 Platinum and BREEAM-NL Outstanding certifications, as well as a ‘Whole Life Carbon‘ footprint of <200kg CO2/m2 as measurable goals. The MPG ambition exceeds the requirement of the Building Decree by 60%.

To achieve these high-end ambitions, low-tech sustainable design solutions are being pursued; not rigid and orchestrated, but breathable and interactive.

The facade and interior will be finished with biobased and recycled materials. For instance, the canopies are made of biocomposite (also covered with moss), the basement consists of recycled bricks from StoneCycling, and the curtain wall is almost entirely made with circular materials, including recycled aluminum.

What’s remarkable about the WasteBasedBricks from StoneCycling in this project is the use of a long-format brick combined with a waste-based glaze called “Mint”.

Additionally, for the first time in the Netherlands, BioBasedTiles will be applied as an indoor floor covering.

StoneCycling Parel in de Polder, Netherlands
Credit: Kolpa Architecten

Innovative Design

De Parel (The Pearl) is deeply connected to its location; the heart of the Krimpenerwaard. From within the building, you experience the polder differently on each floor due to panoramic views and green canopies. The building is also physically connected to a part of the polder from its terrace.

The building will accommodate various functions such as a cafeteria, work café, and studio. Additionally, meeting rooms and workspaces will be found within the office.

The floors are freely divisible thanks to the modular CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) skeleton and the use of a raised floor beneath which the installations are located. The wooden construction is clearly visible throughout the interior of the building.

Unique in the design process are the interdisciplinary workshops; an intensive form of collaboration where all involved parties work together integrally towards the ambitious goal from an early stage.

The result? An efficient and effective design process, new combinations, and surprising innovations.

With Parel in the Polder, it is demonstrated that sustainability, innovation, and aesthetics can go hand in hand. The office will not only be a showcase for the company but also a source of inspiration for future construction projects.

StoneCycling Parel in de Polder, Netherlands
Credit: De Vries & Verburg
StoneCycling | BioBasedTiles® | Pepper Polished
Pepper Honed BioBasedTiles
StoneCycling Parel in de Polder, Netherlands
Mint WasteBasedBricks
StoneCycling Parel in de Polder, Netherlands