StoneCycling || Starbucks Europe

Waste, Coffee & Bricks at Starbucks Drive-Thu in Europe

New Applications

When Starbucks does something, they like to do it well. When we met their head of design at the Dutch Design Week in The Netherlands, the ball started rolling quickly.

Just a few weeks after our introduction, we already visited Starbucks’ office in Amsterdam to show the range of colours and textures of our WasteBasedBricks®.

The Starbucks Design Team immediately started working on concepts and designs, got us linked with their quality team in London and challenged us to look at our products in a different way.

This resulted in the first few mock-ups for the Starbucks drive thru design featuring our Aubergine (retired), Nougat and Caramel (custom) bricks in various Raw and Sliced mixes.

Bucharest, Romania; Belvedere, United Kingdom; Hayes, United Kingdom
Starbucks Europe
Starbucks Design Team
Facades, Furniture
Blackpepper Raw


Waste upcycled with this project 1.080 kg
StoneCycling || Starbucks Europe
Starbucks counter design at Hayes, United Kingdom

Waste-Based Drive-Thru

Working with the designers of Starbucks led to surprising insights for us: by using different levels of ‘thickness’ and combining the Raw and Sliced finishes, a completely new aesthetic was created. This helped us to further explore the things we can do with our products.

The design team was specifically looking for a material that could both be applied inside and outside.

After many reviews, quality checks, factory visits and -of course- coffees, we finally finished the first three projects for Starbucks’ Drive-Thru concept. In this concept, our materials are used for the coffee bar inside and then extended to the drive-thru counter outside.

StoneCycling || Starbucks Europe
Drive thru Starbucks Europe

Made from Food?

Because our WasteBasedBricks® carry names such as Truffle, and Mushroom, people often ask us if they are made of food waste.

This is not the case (otherwise they wouldn’t last many decades), but we are excited when our materials get applied to interiors and exteriors that tickle our senses.

Starbucks is dedicated to making its shops more circular by applying sustainable materials. Read more about their Green Policy in construction on their website.

Their approach to building sustainable stores began in the US and is now implemented across the globe. They are doing this through the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED®-programme (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design in Retail), a framework that ensures their growth ambitions have minimum impact on the environment and their solutions are sustainable.

The focus of StoneCycling on both sustainability as well as aesthetic design has proven to be a perfect match. After a long process, the first few Starbucks outlets with StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® are now a fact!

Blackpepper, Caramel and Nougat bars and coffee-to-go counters can now be seen in two locations in the United Kingdom and one in Romania. Hopefully, many more will follow.

StoneCycling || Starbucks Europe
Starbucks interior in Bucharest, Romania
StoneCycling || Starbucks Europe
Starbucks Bucharest, Romania

Starbucks Bucharest, Romania

The location of this Starbucks at the Militari Shopping Centre in Western Bucharest (opened January 23rd 2018), is the first drive-through in the country. The store provides a convenient drive-thru, as well as a drink-in store experience.

StoneCycling || Starbucks Europe
Starbucks Hayes, United Kingdom

Starbucks Hayes, United Kingdom

This Starbucks is located at the Willow Tree Retail Park in Hayes, England.

StoneCycling || Starbucks Europe
Starbucks Belvedere, United Kingdom
StoneCycling || Starbucks Europe
Starbucks Belvedere, United Kingdom

Starbucks Belvedere, United Kingdom

This Starbucks drive through opened at Norman Park in Belvedere on August 31st 2018, creating 12 new jobs for the area.

The coffee shop also features electric vehicle chargers and a green living roof, which reduces run-off and pollution, and increases urban wildlife diversity.

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We’re creating more eco-conscious stores on a global scale from the design stage right through to construction and operations.

Starbucks Design Team

By using different levels of ‘thickness’ and combining Raw and Sliced finishes, a completely new aesthetic was created.


The new design features reflect our commitment to sustainable retail and how we’re building more sustainable LEED Certified stores.

Gemma Dolan, Starbucks District Manager