BioBased Floor at Living Lab in TRÆ Aarhus, Denmark

BioBased Floor at Living Lab in TRÆ Aarhus, Denmark

Living Lab at TRÆ

TRÆ is the most ambitious construction project of Denmark: this new office building at Sydhavnen in Aarhus will be the country’s tallest wooden structure. There is space for companies that want to be part of an office building where the architects have considered the way they build, the materials they use, and how users interact with each other.

In the “Living Lab” of TRÆ, 3 stories featuring future sustainable material and product solutions, 30 m² of BioBasedTiles® will be implemented as flooring.

Aarhus, Denmark
PFA Ejendomme , Kilden & Hindby
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Pepper Honed
StoneCycling | BioBasedTiles® | Pepper Honed
BioBasedTiles® Pepper Honed

A New Way of Building

The challenge of constructing a wooden building almost 80 metres and 20 stories high is one that few developers and builders in the world have taken up. TRÆ’s other unique feature is a very proactive approach to reusing and recycling materials.

The building will have three floors showcasing different categories of materials (bio-sourced, recycled and reused). The aim is to demonstrate the potential for savings in CO₂ emissions that these practices offer, and to advance sustainable construction.

Project architect Lendager issued a open call on LinkedIn for BioBased products to be applied in a so-called “Living Lab“. It is a new way of thinking and a different way of building, with material selections made and tested along the way. 

According to the architect, BioBasedTiles Pepper Honed (powered by BioMason® technology) proof that sustainable products can be used to create an office space. Additionally, the space features clay walls and acoustic panels made from seaweed. 

When stepping onto the bio-based floor, one will encounter a world of natural materials. Materials that one does not necessarily associate with a “sterile” office environment. Here, there will be plenty of plants, exciting organic surfaces, and perhaps also different scents than one is accustomed to.” – Lendager

BioBased Floor at Living Lab in TRÆ Aarhus, Denmark
Credit: Lendager
BioBased Floor at Living Lab in TRÆ Aarhus, Denmark
3 Living Lab Floors [Credit: Lendager]

Living Lab

Newly developed bio-based materials and materials based on recycling and reuse often face challenges entering the construction industry. This may be due to a preference for standard solutions in a pressured construction process, or because these solutions may not yet be competitive with conventional products.

These factors can hinder the dissemination of solutions that may be better for the environment and should perhaps play a larger role in the future material palette.

By gathering solutions on three different office floors in TRÆ, the architect hopes to create a critical mass that can be used for learning and inspiration for the rest of the construction industry.

The construction industry needs ambitious CO₂-reducing solutions to meet the green transition and TRÆ is already a flagship project within sustainability by selecting products and solutions, such as BioBasedTiles, that can help reduce our climate footprint and reduce our resource consumption.

More updates to follow soon.

StoneCycling | BioBasedTiles® | Pepper Polished
BioBasedTiles® Pepper Honed