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Walking on waste

Can we use your products for flooring as well? That was the question of Studio Rian Knop when they approached us. They were working on the new interior of a leading tech company based in Amsterdam. We did have a bit of experience with the WasteBasedBrick used as flooring but not yet on this scale, and not yet for a client that is quickly becoming an impactful worldwide player in their field.

After running additional tests to make sure the product would perform well in the new office, we sent the bricks to the ‘floorman’ who cut the bricks into thin slices of BlackPepper. We used a size of 210*50*15mm for this project. Approximately 3750 kilo waste was upcycled in this project and hundreds of people enjoy their lunch on it every day.

Take a look at the photos (credit: Phenster) below. What do you think?

Antwerp's coolest co-working space has a bar made from waste

In August 2016 Belgium based architects Going East approached StoneCycling for an ambitious project in Antwerp's famous WATT Tower. Going East was given the assignment to design a co-working space unique in its kind for Belgium (and since the project is finished one of the 'craftiest' in the world). As most co-working spaces, the one in Antwerp also included a counter and a bar. Instead of choosing a regular material, Going East wanted something different. 

The lead designers had this idea of large panels, inspired on the raw look of StoneCycling's BlackPepper bricks. Always up for a challenge and perhaps a bit naive, we started working together, creating first lab-tests.

Figuring out the right recipe and the right process was the first step. Once that hurdle was taken, we called in the help of a local tombstone production company to get the final look the people at Going East were looking for. 


The final result is a combination of the bottom of the BlackPepper (you normally don't see this side) that is used for the frontside of the bar and counter. For the top, we sliced and polished the panels, revealing its inside to the visitors. The WasteBasedBar and WasteBasedCounter as part of the interior of the co-working space are simply beautiful. 

WasteBasedBricks used in this project

BlackPepper Raw

BlackPepper Raw


Photos by Frederik Vercruysse
For more information about the project check the website of Going East