A lively light colour nuance of white and beige. Almond is the brick type to specify in projects that call for a pale brick.

StoneCycling WasteBasedSlips® - Almond Raw
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The Raw finish shows the WasteBasedBrick® coming straight from production: what you see is what you get.

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  • Project date is set Are you working on a project that will materialize in the coming 2 years?
  • Minimum brick surface Does your project exceed either 200 m² brick surface in Europe (including United Kingdom) or 1000 m² outside of Europe?
  • Sustainable Ambition Is using a sustainable building material an important factor for all stakeholders?

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WasteBasedSlips® Almond
StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Almond Raw
StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Almond Raw
StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Almond Raw


Almond  Raw

The Almond WasteBasedSlips® Raw is available in the following sizes. Are you looking for a unique size? You might be interested in our Custom Made service.

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This WasteBasedSlip® can be applied as follows. Are you looking to use our products in a different way? Please talk to one of our experts to hear about the possibilities.

Interior Flooring
Interior Walls
Made from at least 60% waste
22 kg waste per m2 upcycled
CO2 compensated production

Availability & Delivery

Size In Stock Delivery Time *
290 x 23 x 50 mm 0 m² 26 weeks
210 x 23 x 50 mm 0 m² 26 weeks
215 x 23 x 65 mm 0 m² 26 weeks
240 x 23 x 52 mm 0 m² 26 weeks
490 x 23 x 40 mm 0 m² 26 weeks
* Delivery time within Europe (including UK). Additional delivery time outside Europe is approx. 6 weeks.

Order Size

Within Europe Outside Europe
> 200 m2 > 1000 m2
Coming soon
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StoneCycling WasteBasedSlips® - Almond Raw
WasteBasedSlips® Almond Raw

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Frequently Asked Questions