WasteBasedBricks® - Line Ended


Soft shiny green tones that reflect daylight and direct sun.

StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Wasabi Shine
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The Shine finish adds an extra layer to the WasteBasedBrick®, creating a beautifully vibrant surface.

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WasteBasedBricks® - Line Ended Wasabi
StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Wasabi Shade
StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Wasabi Contrast
StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Wasabi Materials
StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Wasabi Zoom

WasteBasedBricks® - Line Ended

Wasabi  Shine

The Wasabi WasteBasedBricks® - Line Ended Shine is available in the following sizes. Are you looking for a unique size? You might be interested in our Custom Made service.

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Please note: this product is no longer in production.

Interior Flooring
Interior Walls
Made from at least 60% waste
91 kg waste per m2 upcycled
CO2 compensated production

290 x 90 x 50 mm 0 m² 26 weeks
210 x 100 x 50 mm 0 m² 26 weeks
210 x 70 x 50 mm 0 m² 26 weeks
215 x 102.5 x 65 mm 0 m² 26 weeks
240 x 115 x 52 mm 0 m² 26 weeks
490 x 90 x 40 mm 0 m² 26 weeks

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Wasabi WasteBasedBricks House in Venlo, The Netherlands || StoneCycling
Sustainable Apartments Honouring Dudok in Hilversum, The Netherlands StoneCycling
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735 KG upcycled waste

Private House in Venlo, The Netherlands

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14.584 KG upcycled waste

Schoutenstraat in Hilversum, The Netherlands

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2830 KG upcycled waste

Colourful Condo in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Wasabi Shine
WasteBasedBricks® - Line Ended Wasabi Shine

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