Trouw Newspaper - There is no time to waste

In an online opinion piece at Dutch newspaper Trouw, designer Richard van der Laken discusses his annoyance of the mountain of waste (he himself helped create). In the piece, he shares how he wants to do it differently.

Trouw Newspaper - There is no time to waste

Every year we dump more than two billion tons of waste worldwide and that will increase by 70 percent in the coming decades. With enormous social, economic, and environmental problems as a result. How we make our stuff and how we value it needs to be overhauled. Designers have a great responsibility in this regard.

Designers are uniquely positioned to change how things are made. StoneCycling is mentioned as a company that sets a good example: “Tom van Soest, a graduate of the Design Academy, started StoneCycling, with which he transforms construction waste into building materials that are beautiful and sustainable and therefore truly circular.”

According to van der Laken, the design community must dare to take the lead, dare to point out to clients their responsibility, and deploy its creative potential en masse. There is no time to waste. And we can only agree with that.

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