Detail Magazine - Brickwork - Recycled Facade

Every issue of the German and English language magazine DETAIL is dedicated to special construction topics and building details in architecture. In this issue on brickwork, StoneCycling’s WasteBasedBricks are featured.

Detail Magazine || StoneCycling

“The insulating WasteBasedBricks from StoneCycling in Amsterdam are made from construction and demolition waste.

This material consists of at least 60 % recycled waste material, with 91 kg of waste per m² being upcycled. The manufacturer offers four standard textures and individual designs.

The colour palette ranges from traditional reds, greys, and beiges to striking greens and purples. All the products meet industry standards and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

All the bricks are made by machine or by hand for individual versions. All WasteBasedBricks are offered on a project basis.”


  • Founded in 1961, DETAIL Magazine is headquartered in Munich and is part of the European Professional Publishing Group, a holding company for professional information with a focus on the strategic business areas of construction and architecture, recycling, hospitality and fashion.
Detail Magazine || StoneCycling

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