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“Anyone who is allowed to redevelop a historic location so close to the monumental city centre of Amsterdam does not build for decades, but perhaps for centuries.”

This is the introduction of this article on about the Oostenburg project for which StoneCycling provides 28.952 kg Nougat RAW WasteBasedBricks®. - Amsterdam Oostenburg Project Feature

Oostenburg is the largest redevelopment in the Amsterdam region, which makes it an “impressive project in an equally impressive location”. The rugged, industrial and historic character of the existing buildings is currently proving to be extremely popular with companies and home seekers.

VORM, Steenwell and Stadgenoot will realise 70 unique buildings in Oostenburg, with their own architecture, their own access, and in a (semi-)public space designed as green as possible. The historic core of Oostenburg will be preserved for the future after a major restoration, but with a new, sustainable look.

Where possible, circular concrete and brick or wood have been used. StoneCycling brick is used for the facade cladding of the “De Vijzel” building, which is made from construction and demolition waste.

“Calculations show that this way of building results in a CO2 reduction equivalent to 600 flights from Amsterdam to Paris on this location. If you multiply that by 30, because we use it so often here, you can say that this has quite an impact on the environment”, says Sander van der Wolf, senior project developer of VORM in the interview on Cobouw.

Construction is quite complex in an area with a high building density and a fairly narrow access road to provide access to all construction traffic for the entire island, and if you’re curious to keep up-to-date, make sure to check out our Oostenburg project page and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop!

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