_WasteBasedBrick® | Orange

Orange  RAW

Orange RAW

What you see is what you get. This is what the WasteBasedBrick® looks like coming straight from production.

Orange  SLICED


The sliced version reveals the inside of the WasteBasedBrick®: waste turned into a lively texture.



The punched version leaves the WasteBasedBrick® surface slightly uneven, creating a deeper look and feel.  

26032019 Orange.png

Shapes & Sizes

We want to collaborate with architects that want to create unique, sustainable and beautiful buildings and interiors. Looking for anything but standard sizes? We’re your partner. Whether it is long, lean, small or fat shaped bricks, we’ll be happy to create something together with you. On the right there are a few ideas, but we’re more curious to learn yours.


Looking for something different?

For projects exceeding 1000m2 WasteBasedBrick® surface we are happy to dive back into our laboratory to create a custom WasteBasedBrick® specific to your project in colour, texture and/or shape.

Contact our sales team to find out how we can make your idea a reality.


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