We move whole buildings

In 2016 Amsterdam hosted the EU. At the nearby Living Lab FabCity, Studioninedots and StoneCycling developed and built The TrueTalker. The first pavilion in the world entirely made from WasteBasedBricks.

Having a fireplace in the heart of it, The TrueTalker served as a place for true conversation. New ideas, surprising visions, both heartwarming and heartbreaking stories were shared by people from all over the world.

In line with our with our circular ambitions we not only upcycled waste materials
but also gave the entire pavilion a new life. We moved it from FabCity, across the water, to a new and vibrant location.

Travel along and share your perspective on tomorrow’s world. Come in and sit down at the heart of The TrueTalker at our office in Amsterdam

The Brick of the Future Part 2

Students of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture in cooperation with Studioninedots, StoneCycling and St. Joris Keramische Industrie have working on various concepts of what the brick of the future could look like. New steps have been made. In the final weeks of this project, the WasteBasedBricks of the future will be presented at FabCity. 

Come and check it out!

StoneCycling, Academy of Architecture Amsterdam and Studioninedots develop brick of the future

What does the brick of the future look like? Does the brick still have value in the future? What is the function of the brick? How will we build walls? 

Students presenting their first ideas

Students presenting their first ideas

A group of students of the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam will be diving into these questions the coming months. Studioninedots' architect Jurjen van der Horst together with the StoneCycling team will be guiding these students towards bricks beyond imagination. 

In June the potential bricks of the future will be presented at the Academy in Amsterdam. A big thumbs up for St. Joris, our production partner. They will turn the ideas of the students into actual bricks. 

More information on the project? Download the pdf here

Stacking bricks. What makes a construction stable? 

Stacking bricks. What makes a construction stable? 

We'll keep you posted on the imagination of the students.