The WasteBased Collection

Upcycling is sure to be one of the main themes of the upcoming decade. Aspiring to be a part of this movement we put our heads together with Ultra Studio to create something new, something sustainable and something entirely beautiful. And so was born The WasteBased Collection. A series of furniture designed to push the boundaries of our imaginations about where waste can take us in the future.

Click on the photo for the result. The collection was launched at the Dutch Design Week 2016 and will be commercially available from this spring onwards.

StoneCycling's Tom van Soest nominated for Young Designer Award 2016

Tom van Soest graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2012 with his own research into the use of building waste as a new material for bricks. This quickly led to the company StoneCycling, which he established with Ward Massa and that manufactures different bricks from building waste: the WasteBasedBrick. Mixed with different waste materials, this offers a new range of aesthetic possibilities for building facades. The bricks all meet the technical requirements and certificates for use in new build projects. Van Soest is also involved in recycling projects with glass. So in both a project with Heineken bottles and in the Bottle Up project in Zanzibar glass waste is used to make new attractive products. 

The selection committee:

This is an inspiring example of a designer who has managed to specialise successfully. With his company StoneCycling he invests waste material with a new manifestation, which is above all sustainable and manufactured locally. The familiar brick is lent a new aesthetic that is commercially successful and can be implemented on a large scale. It is commendable that he has cooperated with various designers and professionals here. What started as a graduation project now also appears to be feasible in practice. Consequently, the committee not only praises the design and the recycling itself, but also the entrepreneurship.


What if glass waste becomes a valuable asset

What if glass waste on Zanzibar becomes a valuable asset

StoneCycling travelled together with various renowned designers to Zanzibar, to study glass waste streams on the Island and come up with sustainable solutions. 

Improvised glass cutter form made from an old toasting machine

Improvised glass cutter form made from an old toasting machine

On Zanzibar, tourists have become an important source of income, as well as (glass) waste. The island is not yet equipped to process all this glass waste, which means the glass makes its way into the natural surroundings. What if the tourism that caused the waste, could also contribute to processing it?

During the upcoming Dutch Design Week bottle-up will launch its first results during: seven products made out of the glass waste. Six young Dutch designers travelled to Zanzibar and worked with local craftsmen to translate glass waste into a first series of products. Offering these products to tourists on the island completes the circle: the waste caused by tourism is transformed into valuable up-cycle products, whereby the tourists effectively finance the next step: the development of construction materials made from glass waste. 

This means two you now have at least two reasons to come to the Dutch Design Week  (17 - 24 oct); the Bottle-up project and StoneCycling as part of the Circular Factory. 

More info:

Bottle-up: check it out here
Circular Factory: check it out here and schedule an appointment for a private tour here


StoneCycling onderdeel van de Circulaire Fabriek op de Dutch Design Week 2015

Smeltkroes van design en duurzaamheid

Wat kun je allemaal doen met bouwmateriaal uit een (huur)woning? Tijdens de Dutch Design Week 2015 (DDW) van 17 tot en met 25 oktober 2015, is het pand aan de Vestdijk 133 in Eindhoven het toneel van de Circulaire Fabriek. In de voormalige garage/beddenzaak presenteert Woonbedrijf, woningcorporatie in Eindhoven, een expositie over het hergebruik van bouwmaterialen. Je kunt zien hoe designers van oude materialen, die bij sloop- en renovatiewerkzaamheden vrij komen, weer nieuwe producten vervaardigen. De expositie maakt de bezoeker bovendien bewust over duurzaamheid en hergebruik.

StoneCycling laat tijdens deze dagen zien dat het afval dat vrijkomt bij renovaties een fantastische kans kan zijn voor het maken van nieuwe hoogwaardige producten. 

Woningcorporatie Woonbedrijf verhuurt 31.000 betaalbare huurwoningen in Eindhoven en regio. Aan deze woningen worden van tijd tot tijd onderhoudswerkzaamheden of renovaties uitgevoerd en dan komen er materialen vrij. We hebben dus een grote verantwoordelijkheid met betrekking tot deze grondstoffen. Woonbedrijf kiest er voor om stap voor stap een duurzame organisatie te zijn en wil in de toekomst circulair werken. Met deze exposite gaan we ontwerpers en bewoners prikkelen om mee te denken over duurzaamheid en het hergebruik van (bouw-)materialen. Dit presenteren en onderzoeken we tijdens de DDW!

Tijdens de DDW is de Circulaire Fabriek dagelijks geopend; op maandag tot en met vrijdag van 9.30 tot 18.00 uur en op zaterdag en zondag van 11.00 tot 19.00 uur. Op werkdagen starten we de dag met een ontbijtsessie (van 9.30 tot 11.00 uur) met wisselende thema’s zoals de circulaire economie en duurzaamheid. Dit is een mogelijkheid om elkaar te ontmoeten en het gesprek aan te gaan