The TrueTalker is looking for a new owner

The TrueTalker, originally designed and built for the EU presidency of the Netherlands in 2016, is looking for a new owner. 

After a few successful months at Fab City, Amsterdam's innovation campus, the TrueTalker began its journey across the Amsterdam IJ water towards our office. 

Now, a year later it's time for a new destination and a new owner


  • The TrueTalker is made out of the WasteBasedBrick Caramel Raw
  • It's built on a steel frame and the total weight is about 6 tons
  • It can be transported by truck (or boat)
  • It's about 3,5 meters high and, 2,5 wide and 3 long. 
  • You can put a campfire inside. 

Do you have an amazing location or a wild idea? Reach out to us and let's give the TrueTalker a well deserved third life.