We've updated our production and pricing policy

StoneCycling is growing fast. That is good news.
More waste is being upcycled into new, unique and high quality building materials. 

At the moment we are receiving enquiries from every part of the planet. In order to process this we want to give you a heads up on how we work. This might save both of us time.

At the moment we are only capable of sending samples to clients that are actually working on a project that will materialise in the coming 12 months. For people who are generally interested; you'll have to wait till spring. For material banks and databases, students and researchers across the world; same thing. 

Production time:
We develop unique WasteBasedBricks for most projects. Since demand is very high across the globe, we are happy to announce that we increased our delivery time to 12 months for the larger projects. This means we have more time to source the right type of waste and you will have more time to work with us on creating the best product for your project. If you are on a deadline, please get in touch with us. We might be able to combine things in such a way that helps both you and us. 

We are extremely happy building from waste is gaining momentum. It's StoneCycling's mission to create unique building materials from waste that will be used in unique projects. This will help us to show the full potential of what waste can be. Working on unique projects will help us to spread this message globally.

For this we need people and projects that make a difference, and a budget that matches this.
Our prices vary but start at € 115 per m2 (excluding VAT, transportation costs etc.). 

General Terms & Conditions
The General Terms & Conditions (click to download) of the Royal Association of Dutch Brick Manufacturers apply on all our products & services.

If you are that person working on that project with the matching budget; we'll be happy to work with you. Reach out to us at sales[at]