We've updated our production and pricing policy

StoneCycling is growing fast. That is good news.
More waste is being upcycled into new, unique and high quality building materials. 

At the moment we are receiving enquiries from every part of the planet. In order to process this we want to give you a heads up on how we work. This might save both of us time.

At the moment we are only capable of sending samples to clients that are actually working on a project that will materialise in the coming 12 months. For people who are generally interested; you'll have to wait till spring. For material banks and databases, students and researchers across the world; same thing. 

Production time:
We develop unique WasteBasedBricks for most projects. Since demand is very high across the globe, we are happy to announce that we increased our delivery time to 6 months. This means we have more time to source the right type of waste and you will have more time to work with us on creating the best product for your project. 

We are extremely happy building from waste is gaining momentum. It's StoneCycling's mission to create unique building materials from waste that will be used in unique projects. This will help us to show the full potential of what waste can be. Working on unique projects will help us to spread this message globally.

For this we need people and projects that make a difference, and a budget that matches this.
Our prices vary but start at € 100 per m2 (excluding VAT, transportation costs etc.). 

General Terms & Conditions
The General Terms & Conditions (click to download) of the Royal Association of Dutch Brick Manufacturers apply on all our products & services.

If you are that person working on that project with the matching budget; we'll be happy to work with you. Reach out to us at sales[at]

The TrueTalker is looking for a new owner

The TrueTalker, originally designed and built for the EU presidency of the Netherlands in 2016, is looking for a new owner. 

After a few successful months at Fab City, Amsterdam's innovation campus, the TrueTalker began its journey across the Amsterdam IJ water towards our office. 

Now, a year later it's time for a new destination and a new owner


  • The TrueTalker is made out of the WasteBasedBrick Caramel Raw
  • It's built on a steel frame and the total weight is about 6 tons
  • It can be transported by truck (or boat)
  • It's about 3,5 meters high and, 2,5 wide and 3 long. 
  • You can put a campfire inside. 

Do you have an amazing location or a wild idea? Reach out to us and let's give the TrueTalker a well deserved third life. 



Tom van Soest wins DDA Young Designer Award

EINDHOVEN, 29 October 2016 – With an approach that demonstrates courage and the passion of a true artisan, Tom van Soest is the winner of this year’s Young Designer Award.  All Dutch Design Awards (DDA) were presented on Saturday 29 October during Dutch Design Week. Prizes were awarded in six main categories. Special awards were also given – not only for young talent (Young Designer), but also for clients (Best Client Award), and the Public Award.

From the three nominated young designers (Tom van Soest, Marius Jopen and Sophie Hardeman) the international jury (led by Giovanni Colauto, CEO of De Bijenkorf) selected Tom van Soest. What makes Tom van Soest’s work so admirable is that he presents a usable product that offers true impact. In doing so, he stands out through his keenness to look beyond the end product and design the production process, too. Van Soest is all the more praiseworthy for getting a grip on frequently time-consuming and complicated legislative processes for (new) construction materials, in a short space of time. The jury looks forward to following the growth of this designer, and his company.

 Queen Maxima inspecting the WasteBasedBrick / Aubergine

Queen Maxima inspecting the WasteBasedBrick / Aubergine

The WasteBased Collection

Upcycling is sure to be one of the main themes of the upcoming decade. Aspiring to be a part of this movement we put our heads together with Ultra Studio to create something new, something sustainable and something entirely beautiful. And so was born The WasteBased Collection. A series of furniture designed to push the boundaries of our imaginations about where waste can take us in the future.

Click on the photo for the result. The collection was launched at the Dutch Design Week 2016 and will be commercially available from this spring onwards.

We move whole buildings

In 2016 Amsterdam hosted the EU. At the nearby Living Lab FabCity, Studioninedots and StoneCycling developed and built The TrueTalker. The first pavilion in the world entirely made from WasteBasedBricks.

Having a fireplace in the heart of it, The TrueTalker served as a place for true conversation. New ideas, surprising visions, both heartwarming and heartbreaking stories were shared by people from all over the world.

In line with our with our circular ambitions we not only upcycled waste materials
but also gave the entire pavilion a new life. We moved it from FabCity, across the water, to a new and vibrant location.

Travel along and share your perspective on tomorrow’s world. Come in and sit down at the heart of The TrueTalker at our office in Amsterdam

StoneCycling's Tom van Soest nominated for Young Designer Award 2016

Tom van Soest graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2012 with his own research into the use of building waste as a new material for bricks. This quickly led to the company StoneCycling, which he established with Ward Massa and that manufactures different bricks from building waste: the WasteBasedBrick. Mixed with different waste materials, this offers a new range of aesthetic possibilities for building facades. The bricks all meet the technical requirements and certificates for use in new build projects. Van Soest is also involved in recycling projects with glass. So in both a project with Heineken bottles and in the Bottle Up project in Zanzibar glass waste is used to make new attractive products. 

The selection committee:

This is an inspiring example of a designer who has managed to specialise successfully. With his company StoneCycling he invests waste material with a new manifestation, which is above all sustainable and manufactured locally. The familiar brick is lent a new aesthetic that is commercially successful and can be implemented on a large scale. It is commendable that he has cooperated with various designers and professionals here. What started as a graduation project now also appears to be feasible in practice. Consequently, the committee not only praises the design and the recycling itself, but also the entrepreneurship.


Time for some TrueTalkin'

This spring, the city of Amsterdam is host to the European Union. On the Marineterrein politicians discuss and decide on Europe’s future, under bright artificial light, with cameras and microphones registering each and every word. 

In reaction, at the nearby temporary campus FabCity, Studioninedots built with StoneCycling a pavilion with a fireplace right in the heart of it. Because a good campfire triggers big ideas and storytelling everyone is invited to sit down, relax and share warming, unreasonable, crazy, unimaginable and hilarious ideas at The TrueTalker.

Photos by Peter Cuypers

The True Talker is a cone-shaped pavilion that consists of one wall twisting around itself, triggering people to come in and explore the core. The solid but transparent structure is made from StoneCycling’s innovative and circular WasteBasedBricks.

During the day, the open brick pattern creates a play of light within the volume – in the dark the pavilion’s surroundings are illuminated from the fire inside, presenting itself as a beacon.

This is the place to sit down, relax, and exchange ideas. Everyone is invited to come to FabCity, to sit down at the heart of The TrueTalker and share ideas on the future of Europe, the world, mankind or anything else. To trigger even more stories a series of events is initiated, find the overview here.  

The TrueTalker will be on show in Amsterdam until 26 June 2016. Do you know any significant place that could use some TrueTalkin'? Give us a call. We would be happy to explore if we can transport the TrueTalker to a next location.

Partners: SBB Smit’s Bouwbedrijf B.V., IC Netherlands B.V., St. Joris Keramische Industrie, Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix B.V., Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, FabCity

For press release and photo's please contact us at media[at]

Read here what The Guardian has to say about StoneCycling

"Rotterdam, the Dutch city home to more than 600,000 people and hundreds of high-rise buildings, can feel pretty dense. But hop on a bike and cycle around the city centre and you can still discover empty plots of land. 

This is how a young couple, Nina Aalbers and her boyfriend Ferry in ‘t Veld, architecture graduates of the Technical University of Delft, found the perfect place to build their first house together. The twist? They’re building it from waste."

Read the full article here

Building from waste, soon a reality: first projects in the making

Exciting times for StoneCycling. Building from waste is not longer an idea, a concept or a thought. What started out as a dream is becoming a reality. 

In Amsterdam the TrueTalker is taking shape. Studioninedots and StoneCycling designed an open structure with a fireplace right in the heart of it. It is a structure that shields the fire and the ones around it, gradually connecting this comfortable zone with the world outside. This unique pavilion is called the TrueTalker. It invites people to sit around the campfire and share crazy, heartbreaking or heartwarming dreams and ideas. It is part of the arts program of the Netherlands presidency of the European Union 2016. Want to find out more?  Come and check it out at FabCity from the 27th of May onwards. 

 The idea...

The idea...

 And the progress so far...

And the progress so far...

And in the center of Rotterdam the people of Architectuur Maken are building their very own house. They came up with a unique pattern of the Caramel Raw and Sliced.  

These are the brave early adaptors and we are proud to be able to work with them. Stay tuned for the results and sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. 

 The idea....

The idea....

 And the progress... 

And the progress...