Update From the StoneCycling Flight Deck

We have been so busy the past eight months that we feel we haven’t been in touch with you enough. When building a sustainable company, there are a million things to do and even more challenges to tackle… 

A lot of things happened and here are a few we would like to share with you:

House Made of Waste in Rotterdam - WasteBasedBricks® Scoop! || StoneCycling
First house build from WasteBasedBricks® in Rotterdam
  • Since the first ever house made from WasteBasedBricks was presented in 2016, our work changed a great deal. From having to call architects asking if we could stop by to present our products and ideas for the future – they started calling us. It remains a thrill when we get calls from the agencies across the world!
  • We’ve also made steps in another ambition: creating dry-stacked facades that can be disassembled.
  • We’re also happy to see that more and more ‘young angry architects’ (as one of our supporters calls them) are teaming up with the big agencies to combine fresh ideas with life-long experience. One of those agencies we worked with is Studio Spacious. We developed a tailor-made potato-textured brick for a competition they entered.
Update From the StoneCycling Flight Deck
Media across the world are following our work
Update From the StoneCycling Flight Deck
First results of the Potato Brick for Studio Spacious

The challenges of scaling up

  • Scaling up has been the mantra of the past year. This is both an important step in building a sustainable business and upcycling as much waste as possible.
  • We’ve teamed up with a second production partner in the Netherlands, expanding the number and range of projects we can take on. We’re now able to produce small-scale projects (starting at 50 m²) as well as larger scale projects (1000+ m²).
  • We’ve expanded the team with Thomas Zeegers. He’s fully committed to making our operations run more smoothly, securing our resources and making sure quality is consistent.
Update From the StoneCycling Flight Deck
Our new Chief Operations Thomas Zeegers

Lunch presentations for architecture agencies

  • As we learned the past few years, real estate development is a slow process. But the way it looks now, giving presentations and talking to hundreds of architects and real estate developers is starting to pay off.
  • We love to give a talk at your agency during lunch. A typical presentation takes 30 minutes in which we will tell you a lot more about waste, downcycling, recycling and upcycling, scarce resources, our approach, the products we make and how we could collaborate.
  • For agencies outside of the Netherlands: no worries! An online video presentation works perfect for us as well.
Update From the StoneCycling Flight Deck
Jasper giving a presentation at Pakhuis de Zwijger
Update From the StoneCycling Flight Deck
Lunch presentation at LEVS Architects in Amsterdam

New projects coming up

  • Studio Urban Echoes designed our most colourful project so far. Check out the first results here.
  • We’ve been giving talks at various architecture agencies in the Netherlands, as well as cool events abroad like the Path Festival in Sao Paulo, the award show of Premio Etico in Milan (the Rotterdam project won!), the We are here, now exhibition in Graz, Austria, Turkey Build in Istanbul and the MiSK Global Forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • This year projects in Bucharest (Romania), Amsterdam, Breda, Rotterdam (The Netherlands), London (United Kingdom), will come up. We’re in the running for projects in Luxembourg, New York (United States), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Oslo (Norway) and France. In the coming months we plan to publish some of these.
Update From the StoneCycling Flight Deck

Circular Built Environment

We’re making small, but steady steps to make the building industry more circular.

The diagram above shows the amount of waste we’ve upcycled so far and the amount of waste we’re planning to upcycle in commissioned projects. We want to grow much faster to increase this number significantly each year. To do so, we’re looking for:

  • Architects working on sustainable, iconic and ambitious projects worldwide.
  • Real estate developers determined to create sustainable real estate fit for the future
  • Architects / real estate developers that want to invite us for a lunch presentation so that we can share our story (in person or video conference) and make as many people as possible aware of the waste-revolution.
  • Impact investors with a feeling for waste, real estate or construction to help us grow faster




We hope you are as excited as us to make this transition to a more circular economy reality.

Team StoneCycling