Tom Joins the StoneCycling Team

Tom Hees recently joined StoneCycling in the role of Commercial Project Manager to help share our mission of moving towards beautiful building materials made from 100% upcycled waste with a positive carbon impact on the planet. 

Tom Joins the StoneCycling® Team
First experiences at Dutch Design Week

With a commercial background and experience at other sustainable companies, Tom is always looking for ways to make a positive impact in the world:

“I’ve worked at a sustainable energy platform and a sustainable logistics company in The Netherlands before starting my new position at StoneCycling.  

My strengths lie in talking with, understanding, and advising all different kinds of people and thinking creatively about possible solutions for their problems. 

I have the goal to challenge architects, builders & developers to think in a different way about building materials and hope to inspire them to use our circular and sustainable products for their next designs. 

With a love for presenting, I’d say TEDx: invite me for a talk soon – We do cool stuff here!”

Tom Joins the StoneCycling® Team
Everybody new to the StoneCycling team get’s to throw a symbolic brick and get dirty hands