BioBasedTiles® added to SundaHus Material Data with A-rating

Good news: BioBasedTiles® (the first ever bio-based tile that grows with the help of bacteria) are now added to the SundaHus Material Data system with an A-rating!

SundaHus Material Data is the market leader for environmentally conscious material choices within the construction and property markets in Sweden.

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SundaHus Material Data

Through a documentation of chemical substances, the SundaHus Material Data system creates the foundation for a systematic approach to monitoring the contents of a building over time.

The assessment of products is based on various properties and divided into five levels D, C-, C+, B or A – where A is the best.

Assessments are carried out by SundaHus chemists, who review product content information and request additional information if necessary.

A-rated products:

  • have minimal health or environmental impacts associated with the PRIO properties defined in the Swedish Chemicals Agency Priority Guide PRIO
  • are not classified as hazardous to health or the environment during the construction phase
  • do not affect the indoor environment negatively through high emissions of volatile organic compounds
  • give minimal contribution to smog formation
  • do not emit excessive levels of formaldehyde (i.e. E1 class compliant)
  • provide a minimal strain on natural resources and less material to landfill deposits
  • have a long service life (for selected product groups)
  • are not likely to contribute to unsustainable forestry
  • have good transparency regarding the product contents
SundaHus Material Data

To read more about the specific assessment criteria, please download this document by SundaHus Material Data.

Click for more information on BioBasedTiles® and other global environmental assessment methods such as BREEAM and LEED.

BioBasedTiles® for your next project

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