StoneCycling at Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) Oct 22-30, 2022

Dutch Design Week (DDW) is a platform for designers worldwide. The event attracts a huge number of people every year: design enthusiasts, buyers, curators, the business community, government institutions and colleagues.

The theme for DDW22 is: Get Set. “Get Set” means that we – as designers, as citizens – have to brace ourselves for what is coming. We’re facing enormous challenges like the climate crisis, the war in Ukraine, inequality, and many other social challenges. To make changes together, we must get set for the right mindset!

We also have to make smart collaborations. We must create coalitions and work together on the missions and challenges we have. So we have to get the setting right, as well.

StoneCycling at Dutch Design Week

Welcome to the New Stone Age.

StoneCycling will showcase how a fresh approach leads to surprising and high-quality new building materials with a positive impact on our planet.

Meet with our team during Dutch Design Week and discover how waste, raw materials and carbon emissions can be used better to transform architecture and the construction industry.

Daily | October 22-30th | 11am – 5pm | Strijp T+R FORM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Attend Our Brick Talks!

Every weekday you can listen to an inspiring keynote by StoneCycling. We will present our solutions to the growing global waste pile, the scarcity of raw materials and the huge carbon footprint of the built environment.

Changing the way we use building materials is a huge task. That is why each day of Dutch Design Week, team members and partners of StoneCycling will touch upon different aspects of this journey.

We will show you our take on creating a new type of building material, such as the WasteBasedBrick® and the BioBasedTile®.


Program Schedule

Monday 24th | 2pm – 2:45pm “Waste is King” – Tom van Soest, StoneCycling Co-Founder
Tuesday 25th | 2pm – 2:45pm | “The Value of the Chain” – Thomas Zeegers, StoneCycling Director of Operations
Wednesday 26th | 2pm – 2:45pm | “How to Include Sustainable Materials in a Tender” – Esther Kransen, StoneCycling Account Manager
Thursday 27th | 2pm – 2:45pm | “The Importance of Continuous Innovation’’ – Tom van Soest, StoneCycling Co-Founder
Friday 28th | 2pm – 2:45pm | “Revolutionizing Cement with Biotechnology” – Jan Vandesande, Biomason (StoneCycling Partner)

Please note: Our location has capacity for 25 people. Please show up on time to guarantee your entry.

Practical Information

Characterised by the many locations spread across Eindhoven, DDW believes it is important that designers themselves have a say in the place where they want to hold their exhibition or activity.

Address: StoneCycling will be showcasing products and latest developments at FORM designlab, located on the Strijp T+R area (Halvemaanstraat 22, 5651BP, Eindhoven)

Dates: October 22-30th

Opening hours: 11:00 – 17:00

Access: Free

More information:

StoneCycling at Dutch Design Week

Hear more from StoneCycling Founder Tom van Soest

Are you a designer with a passion for sustainability? Are you looking for more inspiration, network and support? Then visit “Secrid Talent Podium LIVE” on October 28th. From 10:10 – 10:50 am, Tom will provide insight into his own approach, process and challenges with StoneCycling.

Location: Strijp T+R area, Kelderman en van Noort (KEVN), Galileistraat 2
Access: Free
Registration: Yes (more info here)