Sneak Peek: Seamless Textures Generator Coming Soon!

We’re often getting requests from architects and designers for digital, high resolution seamless textures for renders, mood boards, 3D models and other architectural visualisations featuring our products. Well, we have good news: we’re soon adding a free seamless textures generator to our website!

In collaboration with Architextures (ARTX), this digital design tool will allow you to create project-specific and high quality repeatable patterns, bump maps and hatches for your design program.

StoneCycling Seamless Textures
Almond Sliced WasteBasedBricks

Generate your own seamless wall textures

Are you spending hours searching for free seamless textures of high enough quality to use in your designs? Meet the solution: the StoneCycling seamless textures generator for Photoshop, Sketchup and many other architecture software, developed by Architextures.

Founded in 2014 in the United Kingdom by architect Ryan Canning, Architextures started as a user-generated library with high resolution textures. Over time, Ryan found that static wall patterns alone did not meet the the specifics of what he was looking for in his design projects.

That is why he reinvented the website in 2019 by turning the image library into an interactive tool where designers could effortlessly create simple repeating patterns.

StoneCycling Seamless Textures Generator

Making seamless textures is now easier than ever

High Resolution Architecture Textures

The StoneCycling repeatable pattern generator will have an intuitive user interface and is fully web-based. Easily create generate brick textures with the exact dimensions, joints, tones and colours needed for your current project. By adjusting the parameters, you can see your texture being created and adjusted in real time.

Besides various standard patterns and motifs, you can specifically adjust the angles of lines, the number of columns and rows in a pattern, as well as the sizing of the materials. You also have full control over the material used to join the tiles, as well as joint colour and sizing.

With a special add-in, you can import the material patterns you’ve created with one click into Revit or SketchUp. Once a material has been imported, it can be edited later.

The tool allows you to specify and experiment with our materials far earlier in the design process than usual. You can even create patterns with one or more of our products combined, so let your creativity run wild – we love to see the results!

Get Access to Beta-Version!

Can't wait to start generating your own repeatable wall patterns with our WasteBasedBricks®, WasteBasedSlips® or BioBasedTiles®? Get access to the beta-version of Architextures on our website by filling in the form below.

StoneCycling Seamless Textures Generator
Blackpepper Raw WasteBasedBricks
StoneCycling Seamless Textures Generator
Pepper Polished and Honed BioBasedTiles
StoneCycling Seamless Textures
Nougat Sliced and Punched WasteBasedBricks