Meet Pistachio: The Latest Addition to the WasteBasedBrick Family

For those of you paying close attention to our website, you might have already spotted it: we have added a brand new ‘flavour’ to our WasteBasedBrick® collection!

StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Pistachio Custom Sizes

Hi! I’m Pistachio, made of 60% waste.

The Story Behind The Pistachio

The Pistachio WasteBasedBrick® gets its light green colour from the innovative recipe that our Creative Director Tom developed, in combination with adjustments in the firing process during production.

The Pistachio comes in Raw (coming straight from production), Punched (texture formed by pressing the material out of the mould)  and Sliced (revealing the lively texture on the inside).

The Sliced finish is especially a feast for the eye, in our own opinion.

StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Pistachio Raw
Pistachio Raw
StoneCycling WasteBasedSlips® - Pistachio Sliced
Pistachio Sliced
StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Pistachio Punched
Pistachio Punched

Anything but standard

We produce all our WasteBasedBricks® based on the individual needs of your architectural design and can deliver the Pistachio in custom shapes and sizes.

You can use all versions of this brick for the interior, as well as the exterior of your project and the product meets all industry standards. No matter which finish you choose, the Pistachio will give your project a unique look and feel!

But there is more good news: By applying the Pistachio product in your design, you’re upcycling 93 kilograms of waste per square metre!

StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Pistachio Custom Sizes
StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Pistachio Custom Sizes

We love to collaborate with architects, designers and real estate developers that want to create unique, sustainable and beautiful buildings and interiors!

StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Pistachio Interior