Become Part of StoneCycling’s Exclusive Early Stage Innovation Panel [Closed]

At StoneCycling, we are committed to our mission: moving towards beautiful building materials made from 100% up-cycled waste with a positive carbon impact on the planet.

The implication of this mission is that we are continuously investing time, money and creativity in improving our existing products. At the same time, we’re researching and developing new building materials to broaden our product range. 

We believe that better products come from collaborations with stakeholders across the entire value chain: from demolition companies to real estate developers and architects. 

That is why we are selecting 25 architects from across Europe to join our exclusive Early Stage Innovation Panel. And you can be part of it!

StoneCycling’s Exclusive Early Stage Innovation Panel

What do we ask from you?

  • You share your honest and substantiated feedback on our developments about four times a year.

What is in it for you?

  • You get first and exclusive access to our latest developments.
  • You can directly influence the direction of our R&D team.
  • You become an important ally in the movement towards a more circular economy.
  • You will grow your network with 24 like-minded architects across Europe.
  • You will receive a special personal thank you from us each year.

What makes you stand out?

  • You have at least five years of experience as an architect.
  • You are focused on sustainable solutions and work for a practice that supports this mission.
  • You have been responsible for proposing or selecting façade materials in now realised projects. 
  • You are a true advocate of better design in the projects you are working on.

What is the deadline?

  • We are accepting entries until the 1st of November 2020
  • We will notify selected panel members personally before the 1st of December
  • And we’ll start asking for your feedback from the 1st of January 2021 onwards

Interested? Submit your details below!

Submissions Closed.