Welcome Guido to the StoneCycling Team!

We would like to introduce you to our newest team member at StoneCycling: Guido Ruiter!

Here are a few short questions for Guido as an introduction:

Welcome Guido to the StoneCycling Team!
The first steps have been taken at the StoneCycling factory!

What exactly is your role within the company?

I will give initiators of construction projects (architects, developers and construction companies) insight into the opportunities StoneCycling’s products have to offer. Of course with the aim of achieving a final built result together.

What attracted you to the position?

StoneCycling’s mission touched me personally. I have been active in the building ceramics trade for almost 14 years and the initiative to offer building materials with a positive impact on the earth is the way building ceramics have a future.

What else can you tell about yourself?

I am 46, happily married and the father of 3 children (18, 16 and 7). I have a very broad taste in music (from Jazz to Techno) and I play the saxophone. Sport is a necessity for me and so is good partying. I like to travel to unknown places to discover them. This can be far away but certainly also close by.


Welcome again Guido! We are happy that you have become part of our team and hope that you will work on great projects at StoneCycling!