Biomason and StoneCycling Launch BioBasedTile®

Today, StoneCycling and Biomason —two of the world’s most innovative sustainable building material companies— announce a collaborative product to drive Europe’s construction industry closer to a planet-friendly model.

Sustainable Building Materials: BioCement BioBasedTiles®Salt & Pepper - StoneCycling® X Biomason®

Meet the BioBasedTile.

First focusing on increasing European sales of Biomason precast tile products alongside StoneCycling’s catalogue of upcycled and circular products, the partnership will combine StoneCycling’s commercial network and aesthetic knowledge with Biomason’s revolutionary biocement® technology platform to distribute BioBasedTiles in Europe.

“Our partnership represents an important step in Biomason’s growth as a biotechnology solutions company,” said Biomason Co-Founder and CEO Ginger Krieg Dosier. “Working with StoneCycling to increase awareness and sales of Biomason’s revolutionary materials to a wider market allows our teams to focus on the research and development of new biocement technology applications.”

BioBasedTiles® Sustainability Statement || StoneCycling

Transformation in Construction

“Since our inception ten years ago, we have focused not only on disrupting the cement industry with groundbreaking technology but also in establishing a licensing and partnership ecosystem to enable broad adoption of our solutions throughout the construction industry,” Krieg Dosier said. “StoneCycling will be a key partner as we scale commercially and bring BioBasedTiles to the European market.”

“StoneCycling is rapidly growing. We have built a robust global network of pioneering architects, real estate developers, retail clients, and builders who understand the need for transformation in the construction sector,” said Ward Massa, StoneCycling CEO.

“Our strong commercial, aesthetic, and environmental focus is being recognized by more and more in the industry every month. Adding BioBasedTiles to our product portfolio marks an exciting step for us and our clients as it will ease and enable the use of sustainable materials in more projects.”

Sustainable Building Materials: BioCement BioBasedTiles®Salt & Pepper - StoneCycling® X Biomason®

Eliminating CO2 Emissions 

Both Krieg Dosier and Massa started their companies to solve major problems in the built environment: Biomason to address cement production and StoneCycling to address waste generation.

The production of Portland cement (OPC) accounts for over 8% of global CO2 emissions—that’s four times more than the aviation industry. Concrete, of which cement is the key ingredient, is the second-most consumed material in the world after water. Research Triangle Park-based Biomason creates cement in a fundamentally different way, eliminating emissions.

BioBasedTiles are precast concrete tiles that have among the lowest carbon footprint on the market. Through its partnership with Danish concrete manufacturer IBF, Biomason is establishing a new facility in Denmark that will scale European production capacity of biocement-powered products to 35,000 sqm in 2023.

“The demand for low-carbon building materials is clear,” said StoneCycling’s Massa. The aim of our partnership with Biomason is to accelerate use of sustainable building materials and architecture even further. We share the belief in our collective ability to solve climate change, and we’re thrilled to be working with Biomason on new low-carbon products to revolutionize the construction industry.”

Sustainable Building Materials: BioCement BioBasedTiles® Salt Honed - StoneCycling® X Biomason®
Salt Honed BioBasedTiles®
Sustainable Building Materials: BioCement BioBasedTiles® Pepper Honed - StoneCycling® X Biomason®
Pepper Honed BioBasedTiles®

About Biomason

Biomason is the only company in the world employing biology to produce cement. Since 2012, the company has used microorganisms to grow sustainable, structural biocement® in ambient temperatures, harnessing the power of
biotechnology to reinvent traditional cement and offer a planet-friendly alternative.

Biocement will eliminate 25% of the concrete industry’s global carbon emissions by 2030. Biomason Biocement is in use in projects throughout the US and Europe.

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About StoneCycling

StoneCycling, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was founded in 2013 by Ward Massa and Tom van Soest with a mission to create new, high-quality building materials made from construction, demolition, and industrial waste instead of scarce raw materials.

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