Amsterdam to Become First Circular City in the World

The City of Amsterdam presented its strategy to become the first 100% circular city in the world by 2050. 

As StoneCycling’s main office is based in this beautiful capital of The Netherlands, we are extra proud of the bold and ambitious actions to ensure a healthy and pleasant environment for the generations to come. 

Luckily, there is an increasing number of cities taking action in the field of urban sustainability. Arcadis’ 2018 Sustainable Cities Index gives an overview of the efforts that are currently being made.

Amsterdam to Become First Circular City in the World || StoneCycling

The Doughnut Framework

Amsterdam’s focus on circularity is inspired by British economist Kate Raworth’s unique “Doughnut Economy”.

Within the doughnut framework, the performance of an economy is measured by the extent to which the minimum living standards (the inner ring of the doughnut) and the needs of people (the filling of the doughnut) are met without overshooting Earth’s ecological ceiling (the outer ring of the doughnut).

The video below explains in short Kate Raworth’s vision on economic growth.

Kate Raworth on Growth

Amsterdam’s Ambitions

“In order to achieve a circular economy, we need concrete objectives. Our main objectives are”: 

  • By 2022, 10% of city procurement will be circular.
  • By 2023, all city innovations to tender in the built environment will be circular.
  • By 2030, we will use 50% less raw materials. 
  • By 2050, our city will be 100% circular.

As you can imagine, there is a gigantic job to be done by government officials, city planners, architects, real estate developers, construction companies and production companies to achieve these objectives.

We have the responsibility to focus on innovations that bring a circular economy closer to reality.

Rethinking Roles and Responsibilities

The city of Amsterdam explicitly invites companies to join their mission. As they put it:

“Amsterdam can’t do this alone – and luckily it doesn’t have to. The Dutch government and the European Union also have circular ambitions. Amsterdam collaborates with the central government and with the European Union on policy choices to make the world cleaner and society more equitable.

To give an example, a shift from taxation on labour to taxation on raw materials and energy is an important precondition for creating a circular economy. As a city we are collaborating and joining forces with all seven city districts and with many local initiatives, market parties, knowledge institutions and residents to achieve the circular ambition.”

For companies and professionals, like ourselves, this means that we have the responsibility to focus on innovations that bring a circular economy closer to reality.

We feel that the mission of StoneCycling perfectly aligns with the cities’ ambition: Moving towards beautiful building materials made from 100% up-cycled waste with a positive carbon impact on the planet.

Colourful Bricks at Condo in Amsterdam: Eye-Catching and Sustainable! || StoneCycling
Colourful Condo in Amsterdam with WasteBasedBricks®

How StoneCycling Contributes 

Currently, we have already completed several projects in Amsterdam with our award-winning WasteBasedBricks® (see: facade of BPD Zeeburg, facade of Colourful Condo, Flooring of Tech Company) and there are more to follow in the near future.

Combined, our projects gave new life to 455.495 KG of waste in facades, floors and interiors. We see this as a pragmatic way of decreasing the use of materials that need to be excavated from nature and the overall waste footprint.

By working closely -literally teaming up- with architects and real estate developers we are experiencing that we can add value to the process as well as the result. This way of working results in beautiful and interesting architecture with an even better economic value. It has been known for years that investment in sustainable real estate really does pay off

Creating a circular city, country and world starts with ambition and discussion. The next step is action. Let’s create many more showcases around the world!