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Find out how our sustainable building materials from waste are being made.

This is how it’s made

Upcycling as much waste as possible and turning it into unique and beautiful building materials; that’s our mission. It’s a complicated process with a value chain involving many different companies each with different goals and ambitions.

In everything we do upcycling, design and craftsmenship play central roles. We’d like to take you along on our journey from waste to WasteBasedBrick®.

The pile of waste is growing fast

Debris from construction and demolition is one of the biggest waste streams in the world. In Europe, it accounts for approximately 30% of all waste generated. In countries like the United States and China, this percentage is even higher.  

At StoneCycling, we’re doing continuous research on the availability, quality and quantity of waste that has the potential to be upcycled. In many cases, we do this together with our waste partners, and in some instances this means that we need to improve the quality of the waste.

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Raw materials are becoming scarce

At the same time, we dig up tonnes of raw material each year and turn it into the building products that make up our cities and infrastructure. Vast excavations often destroy landscapes and ecosystems; and basic raw materials such as construction sand and high-quality clay are becoming increasingly scarce. 

At StoneCycling, we strive to combine the growing availability of waste with the declining availability of raw materials as our motivation to develop new building materials.


Trial & error

In our laboratory, we’re constantly investing time and effort into developing new recipes. These recipes eventually result in a building product that is both safe to use and of the highest quality.

But that’s just part of the story. We’re especially interested in creating unique and beautiful materials. Materials that allow the architect to realise their design. Especially for larger projects, we invite architects into our laboratory to think along with us in terms of color, texture, size and shape.

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Let’s make WasteBasedBricks®

When the recipe is finalised in the lab, production starts. One of our missions is to prove that waste can be beautiful. Throughout the production process, this means we’re relying on true (and old fashioned) craftsmanship.

Yes, everything can be done by robots today. But we value the experience of the men and women that have been doing this work for years. We believe it puts heart into our products. It also means that we can make everything and anything (but standard products).

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Quality checks, continuously

Our products are being used in buildings around the world and in places where it can be extremely cold, warm or rainy, To ensure great quality products, not matter the environment, we use a combination of the experience of our production partners (who have been making bricks for over 100 years) coupled with external and independent testing agencies within the ceramic industry.

The test score result in a product specification. This document ensures the performance of the products that you buy.

Delivery on site

Following the quality check, products are put on pallets and prepared for transportation. Depending on your requirements we’ll arrange delivery on site.

During construction, we’ll also stop by a few times to see how things are going and if we can be of any help.

We’re looking forward to create beautiful and sustainable buildings together.

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