Design Projects

Bar made from Heineken waste

The Eindhoven based design studio V3RS asked us to design and develop a bar for one of the new restaurants by Bulls and Dogs in Amsterdam. As waste material, we selected old Heineken bottles that could not be reused anymore. We crushed them and mixed the fragments with the other materials. After a gazillion hours of polishing, the results is fresh, shiny and green. It almost makes you thirsty, just by standing at the bar. 

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Tarrazzo from Bombay Saphire

As part of the Bottle-up project, the design team developed a building material suitable for the Island of Zanzibar. We used the Islands favourite drink, the gin bottle, as of on the ingredients to create a surface material that can be used for many purposes. 

Besides the Bombay Tarazzo, the Bottle-up team designed and created a whole series of beautiful products. 

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StoneCycling in Zanzibar

Since Zanzibar doesn't have a fully grown recycling industry yet, lots of glass waste ends up in nature, next to roads and in landfills. Bottle-Up is a project by Dutch designers and local craftsmen that addresses this problem and found a solution to up-cycle the glass in to new products.

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