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Introducing Beyond Wall System

Towards Circular Construction.

Detachability or disassembly is an important precondition for making construction fully circular, because it makes it possible to reuse products and materials from a building and pass them on to subsequent cycles. Especially in the retail industry, interiors are often constructed and demolished within a lifespan of 1-5 years.

Building for Disassembly.

The Beyond Wall System by StoneCycling and Fassat creates demountable facades and interior walls without using mortar or glue. The brick slips can be mechanically screwed to the wooden substructure using a modified PVC profile. This mechanical assembly also makes the brick slips easy to dismantle.

Preventing Waste.

With the Beyond Wall System, reassembly is possible without the need for jointing. Being able to reuse a product whole through disassembly prevents us from creating demolition waste in the future.

Beyond Wall System: Build For Disassembly || StoneCycling X Fassat

Suitable for exterior and interior applications.

interior / exterior

Interior walls
walls / furniture

interior / exterior


Experience the Beyond Wall System

Speeding up the transition to a circular construction industry requires companies and individuals across the value chain to act. In Fassat we found a partner that is just as committed as us. Interested in using this system in your interior or exterior project?
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Beyond Wall System || StoneCycling X Fassat
Beyond Wall System || StoneCycling X Fassat